We have built a reputation for excellence since 2010. In the intervening years, we strive to become Western Canada’s premier, full service private Real Estate investment house.

Systematically harnessing market intelligence for triumphant results.

As an investment firm we have access to highly unique, localized street market intelligence. We are also capable of considerable speed of execution due to our manageable size and unique structure, which allows us to deliver returns not possible with institutional funds. Our guiding principle is maximizing the return for our investors. We achieve this through highly efficient capital deployment through superior fund performance and prudently using the right leverage while maintaining minimum overhead.

Our commitment

Our commitment is solely to providing our clients with the utmost in transparency, coupled with unique investment opportunities, including large projects traditionally inaccessible to private investors. Our dedication to maintaining a low overhead, combined with the tremendous agility with processing information and making , ensures the ability to easily diversify real estate holdings and portfolios. We give our clients the ability to swim with the big fish in the world of finance without taking on the cost major firms can carry.

Our services or asset management capabilities ensure diversified options and balanced risk.

Our focus and priorities

Our priority is to provide our clients with accurate information and the quality of services needed not only for wealth building, but for peace of mind concerning their assets. At Abana Financials, we extend unique methods to grow wealth while limiting risk through innovative investment vehicles.

Why Abana is different 

At Abana Financials we work only for our clients. We are dedicated to performing due diligence on each and every project to ascertain risk versus reward. Our dedication to personalized service and the fact that the Abana Financials and its subsidiaries are highly localized further differentiate us in the industry. With the ability to managed funds through Abana Capital we further optimize procedures and maintain a highly efficient administration.