Our commitment is solely to providing our clients with the utmost in transparency, coupled with unique Real Estate investment opportunities, including large projects traditionally inaccessible to private investors.

Our services or asset management capabilities ensure diversified options and balanced risk.

Our dedication to maintaining a low overhead, combined with the tremendous agility offered by our nature as a boutique firm, ensures the ability to easily diversify real estate holdings and portfolios. We give our clients the ability to swim with the big fish in the world of finance without taking on the cost major firms can carry.

Today, it is more important than ever before that investors are able to balance risk with reward, while ensuring growth within a portfolio. Our blend of unique services is the key to realizing that growth. Each service offered by Abana Financials has been carefully designed and facilitated by industry experts with the experience and insight needed to ensure not just safety, but yield maximization.

We offer a range of essential services to our customers in order to ensure strong growth, risk reduction and investment diversification.

Each of our services is underpinned by industry experts with decades of experience. Our services are designed to ensure each client has access to innovative, specialized, and highly efficient investment options.

Capital Management

At Abana Capital, we understand the difficulties involved with third party mortgage financing. To that end, we’ve designed and implemented an in-house mortgage finance service that vertically integrates with and streamlines the finance process, saving our clients both time and money. Our mortgage finance team works hand in hand with the capital management team to arrange financing for projects, and to provide assistance for buyers.

Individualized RE investment solution

We offer specialized services and exclusive offers for our high net-worth investors. This area includes opportunities to invest with developers in highly profitable opportunities, personalized and customized services, and special discount rates and fees, combined with priority offerings.

Commercial Mortgages

It’s crucial that your finance partner be able to devise investment strategies and accurately identify investment opportunities. Our acquisitions team works with the capital management division to structure funds, and conducts exhaustive research into the market and ongoing trends.

Mortgage Finance

Our capital management services ensure that your capital is maintained and managed optimally to allocate to projects while working closely with our acquisitions team. The capital management division also offers in-depth financial reporting, handles investor relations, and is responsible for auditing and compliance. From raising funds to soliciting real estate investments and administering the funds, capital management is an essential service for our investors.